WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Sydney Harris says her car has been vandalized twice in her driveway just three days apart.

A swastika was spray painted on Sydney Harris’ window (Photo: Sydney Harris)

She said her car is being targeted for the Trump bumper sticker on her back windshield. First, Harris said someone spray painted a swastika on her back windshield. She had the paint professionally cleaned, only to see her back windshield had been smashed on Tuesday.

“It goes beyond politics. What it really translates to me as is a lack of respect, not only for my things, or our soon-to-be President Trump, but a lack of respect for anyone nowadays,” Harris said.

Harris said both incidents happened in her quiet neighborhood on Eagle’s Nest Drive in Wilmington. She said she has a hard time believing the timing is a coincidence.

“I definitely think it’s the same person, if not then they’re in cahoots with the other person,” Harris said.

She said that there was nothing missing from the vehicle, but the incident is a violation of privacy and property. Harris said she wishes whoever broke the window would voice their opinion in a more constructive way.

“If you focus on love instead of what you’re against, then you’re going to make more of a difference in the world, you’ll be a happier person, and when you do want to assert your opinions you’ll do so in a respectful manner,” she said, “Everyone has a right to their opinion but everyone should show respect.”

Harris said she is reporting the incident to police to keep anyone else’s property safe.Copyright 2017 WECT. All rights reserved.