NC woman describes attack by possible coyote; photos show some of 13 puncture wounds


GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Greensboro police and wildlife officials are working to capture an animal after a woman was attacked by what she believes was a coyote on Saturday afternoon.

Allison says she went with friends to Lake Brandt to have picnic. She was putting food away about three minutes from the parking lot when an animal came up behind her.

“We were sitting and eating, and we were just about to leave when we had put all our food away when a coyote came up behind me and my friend,” Allison said.

She originally thought the animal was a dog but realized otherwise when it got closer and started biting her.

“It came up behind us very quietly, and we didn’t see it approaching,” she said. “All of the sudden, I saw the look on my friend’s face, and I turned around, and it was right behind me”

She says the coyote took hold of her hand and began pulling it.

Allison and her friend then went into the water to escape the animal which walked around their belongings before running away.

“It was pretty unexpected, and I have never been in a situation like that with an animal before,” Allison said. “I didn’t know…if it would be better to fight back or not antagonize it.” 

​The animal bit her multiple times in just over a minute, so she went to the emergency department and got the rabies vaccine.

She had 13 punctures from the attack, and ended up having to get 14 shots. It took several hours after the attack for the feeling to return to her hands.

Around 3:08 p.m., officers responded to the Lake Brandt marina at 5945 Lake Brant Road when they were told about a loose animal that may present a threat to the public.

“It was kind of a grayish, brown color. It looked like a medium sized dog,” Allison said. “My friend thought it was a fox at first, but I’ve seen pictures of coyotes. And in that moment, I thought it was a coyote.”

Trails near the Lake Brandt Marina are closed while police and wildlife officials work to trap the animal.

People are advised to stay off the trails until it is deemed safe.

The marina remains open to the public, and the affected trails have also been posted with signage.

“I think It’ll stay away from the lake for a little bit,” Allison said. “It definitely taught me a lesson. I need to be more prepared.”

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