NC woman pleads for speed bumps after countless crashes at her home

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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – Judy Wright and her family have witnessed countless wrecks. She and her neighbor’s houses on Antoinette Drive have been the scene of many of them.

“There were 11 accidents where I’ve reported people going into the ditch, going into our yard, hitting our house,” said Wright.

Wright has lived at her home for about 33 years. She says the road in front of her home has a sharp curve, leading speeders to collide with other cars or Wright’s yard. Drivers have even hit the arrow signs warning them of the hard turn ahead.

“The problem is they’re going too fast. Usually, if the accident happens at night, they’re drinking and a lot of them leave the scene of an accident and then they’ll come back later and get their car,” said Wright.

The safety is bad enough that Wright’s daughter won’t allow her God children to play outside. She has thought about moving, but she said it’s easier said than done.

She said speed bumps would be the best solution to the chronic problem. However, because that road is a state highway, they cannot build speed bumps there.

Antoinette Drive was the scene of one fatality involving a moped in February. First Sergeant M.W. King with NC Highway Patrol said they’ve responded to three collisions so far this year and four collisions in 2018.

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