NC woman speaks after being viciously attacked by man who tried to steal her car

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – A man is accused of committing two brazen acts of violence against two separate women in Charlotte during the weekend.

Police say 41-year-old Eugene Hazen attacked two women in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday then tried to steal their cars.

Hazen has a record of violence. He was charged with an assault on a female, robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping in February.

As soon as Helena Ruffin opened her car door, she says Hazen came from out of nowhere, grabbed her by the arm and around her neck to pull her out of the car then violently beat her.

She said it was surreal that the attack happened at all, much less in the middle of the afternoon running errands.

“Remember, I have one eye right now,” Ruffin said jokingly to her partner Shari Robins, one day after the attack.

Ruffin’s face is badly swollen, and she currently has one eye to prepare food with Robins.

They love to cook, and that’s what they were doing on Saturday.

Before 2:30 p.m., Ruffin went out to run some errands.

“The next thing I knew I was being yanked out of the car,” said Ruffin.

Police say Hazen began to viciously beat Ruffin.

“I went unconscious every time he hit me. The power he was using, there was something else driving him,” said Ruffin.

Hazen left 61-year-old Ruffin bleeding on the ground with a broken nose and teeth.

Then he tried to steal her car, but he couldn’t figure out how to start it.

“That’s what got him really pissed to pick me up off the ground and hit me again,” said Ruffin.

Hazen ran away from Ruffin, car-less, but his attacks weren’t over.

Less than two hours later, police say Hazen was at the State Employees Credit Union on Third Street when he attacked a 39-year-old woman.

He tried to steal her car, but couldn’t drive it because it was a manual transmission, so he ran away leaving that woman badly beaten. She was taken to the hospital due to a serious injury.

“The pounding on my face of his first, he was very strong,” said Ruffin.

Robins got a call about the attack and went to see Ruffin, her partner of a decade, beaten and bruised.

“It took my breath away, it was like her whole face had a baseball in it,” said Robins.

“They always tell you look around before you open your door. Always look around before you open your door,” said Ruffin. “Take it from me, I went through it.”

Ruffin was taken to the hospital where she received 14 stitches and had to do various tests due to her injuries.

Thirteen hours later, the couple came home early Sunday morning.

Now, they are back to cooking.

“We’re so blessed, I’m so grateful that you’re alive and you’re ok,” said Robins. “And you still look pretty.

To the man who did this, Ruffin has a message.

“I forgive you, and dude, get some help.”

Ruffin says the police department and other first responders did a great job helping her after the attack.

Police caught Hazen hiding under a tractor-trailer at the Target in the Metropolitan area same night. He is now in custody.

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