NC woman’s Uber account hacked and used in Russia

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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – Christine Sprow dealt with a lot of headaches when her Uber account was hacked and then used in Russia late last month.

“It was absolutely terrible. It was a horrible experience,” Sprow said. “I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

Her ordeal started last month when she received an email saying someone had changed the username and password on her Uber account.

Sprow quickly responded to the email, thinking the problem would be resolved quickly, but that didn’t happen.

“Initially I kept getting the same response: Please give us the email address and phone number associated with the account,” Sprow recalled. “I kept saying, ‘I don’t know what the hacker changed it to.'”

According to Sprow, Uber told her they couldn’t help her because the email she was giving them was the one she originally used to set up the account. After the hacker changed the information, Sprow could no longer access her account on the app.

Within a day, Sprow started getting receipts from someone using her account in Russia, so she tried contacting Uber again.

“I went onto the Uber website and tried looking for a phone number for customer service,” she said. “Well, there’s no phone number you can call for Uber customer service. There’s no way to get a live person on the phone or live chat or anything like that.”

Sprow said Uber then told her to use the app to contact them, but she was locked out. That’s when she took matters into her own hands.

“I ended up having to turn to social media because I wasn’t getting any response,” she said.

Through Facebook comments and Twitter messages, Sprow was finally able to get her account deleted, but Uber told her she was responsible for any charges on her credit card.

Sprow was able to work out the charges with her credit card and PayPal accounts, but she has a message for anyone facing a similar situation.

“Do what you can to protect yourself, because it seems like at least in this situation, the company was not trying to protect its customers,” she said.

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