ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WNCN) – The state Department of Transportation plans to address markings at a busy intersection in Nash County after a concerned driver reached out to CBS 17 hoping to get answers.

The intersection is Benvenue and Jeffrey roads. The driver concerned said the eastbound lane markings seem off for drivers.

In an email to CBS 17’s traffic anchor Laura Smith, the driver said:

“If you stay to the left on Benvenue as the markings suggest, you will head-on into the vehicle turning left onto Jeffreys. If a vehicle is on your right and slightly closer to his left, it could cause you to crash head-on with the stopped vehicle waiting to turn left onto Jeffreys.”

The Rocky Mount man wants to see the NCDOT improve the markings so drivers don’t feel like they’re about to hit other vehicles while turning.

According to NCDOT spokesman Andrew Barksdale, a field investigation noted that there is a slight angle that would suggest that the eastbound straight movement would take you onto the oncoming left lane, but it is not drastic.

Crews plan to add mini-skip marking to align through movements across the intersection for lane continuity by the end of the month.

“What is a mini-skip you may ask? You’ve seen them at large intersections, especially where you may have dual left-turn lanes,” said the NCDOT.

Last week, the state awarded a contract with an on-call/emergency company that will be able to paint thermoplastic pavement markings or remove them as needed in all six division four counties.

“This contract will last for the next three years,” Barksdale said, “We will pay them based on the work they perform, as outlined in the contract. We have several areas we want them to hit right away, and this intersection is one of them – high priority.

New markings are expected to be placed at the Rocky Mount intersection by the end of May.

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