WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — Following a more than 50 year hiatus, the NCDOT is working to bring passenger rail service to Wake Forest.

As a part of the Southeast Rail Corridor, the S- line is a rail corridor planned to improve rail travel between Raleigh and Richmond, Virginia.

The project comes as gas prices in the area are steadily climbing. 

Andre Clark told CBS 17 he’s only spending a certain amount of money at the pump.

“I just put 50 in it until it goes out,” said Clark.

Jason Price told CBS 17 the high gas prices are making him look at other ways to get from Point A to Point B.

“We have to sort of go along with it and don’t drive as much, or we have to be more cautious as to which vehicle we’re using in different places we’re going, because I don’t get great gas mileage with my truck,” said Clark.

He says with gas prices being so high, he wouldn’t mind a high-speed railway in the area.

On Wednesday the NCDOT hosted a design workshop at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre to gather input on potential station locations in the area.

“I think people now are thinking about oh could I get around in a different way? Could I walk, could I bike, could I take the bus, could I take the train? This really shows people that that is possible for our region and hopefully will be even more in the years to come,” said Paige Dickerhoof, project planner for the S-line.

Sherry Adams says her home sits just 50 feet from where the railroad is planned to be.

She told CBS 17 she’s in favor of alternate forms of transportation but worries the train will come too close to her home. 

“We’re here because obviously we’re concerned about what the increased traffic on the railway will mean for us,” said Adams. “Also concerned about the older infrastructure in Wake Forest and if it can handle the pounding and the vibration.

The NCDOT is planning to hold a number of design workshops and open houses over the next couple weeks. You can view the full schedule here.