RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The State Board of Elections announced on Thursday that the results of the 2022 statewide primary and municipal elections were unanimously certified.

The Board of Elections said around 1.4 million voters cast ballots in the primary and municipal elections on May 17, resulting in a 20 percent turnout of registered voters.

Congratulations to the State Board staff and to all 100 county boards of elections on a very well run 2022 primary election,” said Damon Circosta, State Board chairman. “The voters of North Carolina can be confident that their vote was counted and that the results we certified today accurately reflect the voters’ wishes.”

The final certification by the State Board came after all eligible ballots, including provisional ballots and mail-in ballots, were counted.

Audits were conducted by all 100 North Carolina county boards of elections and the State Board following the primary.

These audits showed that the results of each election were accurate.