American flag stolen from Raleigh veteran had special meaning to family


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Neighbors in North Raleigh are frustrated after two American flags were stolen from front porches this week. One of those flags belonged to a veteran. 

On Cokesbury Lane, American flags fly proudly from front porches, but Julie Green’s flag is missing. She came outside Wednesday morning and says it was nowhere to be found. “I just can’t think of a reason that specific thing would be taken off of our porch. We’ve got ladders; we’ve got other flags; we’ve got rocking chairs, so it felt a little personal,” said Green.  

It was especially personal for her family, which has a long history of military service. The flag that flew from their front porch was particularly meaningful. Her husband served in the Navy for years, stationed at Naval Station Norfolk. He is now in the Reserves. Their family bought the flag on base before moving to Raleigh. 

“I think the flag is pretty symbolic for every American but I think for anyone who served and had family members supported through that service, it’s a pretty big reminder of what your family member has been through, what you’ve sacrificed and why you’ve sacrificed it,” Green explained. 

She soon learned her flag wasn’t the only one taken. Her neighbor across the street just put up a replacement flag because he says his flag was stolen early Tuesday morning. His surveillance camera was rolling. Video shows someone run-up to the house, remove the flag from the front porch, and run away with the flag-waving behind. The person who takes the flag appears to be with a group of others. 

Both neighbors say they reported the thefts to police. 

Green doesn’t know if the same people took her flag a day later, but she hopes whoever stole it understands the significance of what they took. “We didn’t hang it haphazardly,” she said. “It encompasses a lot for us as a family.” 

“If it’s somebody who just needed it for themselves, then I hope it’s hanging on the porch with as much pride as it was ours,” she added. 

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