New California law would allow residents to eat roadkill


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CNN NEWSOURCE) – Eating dead wild animals could soon be legal in California.

A California senator introduced Senate Bill 395, “you kill it, you grill it,” this week.

The bill would allow people to eat wild animals they accidentally hit and kill on California roads.

Forget farm fresh. How about ready-to-eat roadkill?

It’s a recipe for an unusual dinnertime conversation.

“You’re gonna get a lot of loss, so there’s not much you’re gonna get out of the animal after it’s been hit like that,” according to butcher Ian Higgs.

Ian Higgs is a custom butcher at Rolesville Meats. 

He says you cannot harvest much edible meat from roadkill.

“It’s definitely an art,” said Higgs.

The trauma from most deadly collisions makes meat go bad.

Higgs says you can’t eat dirt.  He also says when meat gets hit that hard, you’re gonna have a lot of tough meat.

California is following more than 20 other states that have already made eating roadkill legal.

UC Davis has maintained a website documenting roadkill incidents across California.

In the last 10 years, the Road Kill Observation System has recorded at least 60,000 cases of roadkill collisions, mostly with deer.

Now this law would turn those wildlife collisions into a main course.

“I don’t have no idea. There’s a lot of laws I don’t understand,” said one resident.

If passed, the law would go into effect on Jan. 1, 2021.

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