New leads in 2013 slaying of Hoke County teen, sheriff says

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RAEFORD, N.C. (WNCN) – The Hoke County Sheriff says new information has led his office to take a closer look at a 2013 murder. Deandre “Papa” Ricketts, 16, was shot and killed at a party on Bethel Road in Raeford October 13 2013.

The person responsible is still on the loose.

More than 100 young people attended the party before the shooting occurred.

Sheriff Hubert Peterkin said bullets were fired from at least five different guns that night.

Ricketts, who was unarmed, died at the scene.

“I can remember going out to the scene that night, seeing his body lying there, it was unbelievable,” Peterkin said.

The high school junior had a bright future ahead.

He’s described as funny, driven and athletic.

Sharon Murchison, Rickett’s mother said he loved “football, church, he was very active in our church, a lovable kid, didn’t meet strangers.”

Sheriff Peterkin said investigators aren’t sure if Ricketts was the target. The motive is unknown.

Peterkin says deputies interviewed at least 40 people about the case, but he believes the street code of silence has kept the killer hidden.

“I know that there was a young person at that party who saw it,” he said. “They may have said it to their mother, to an uncle, or father.”

A reward of $20,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest.

Murchison simply wants closure.

“Put yourself in my shoes,” she said. “If it were your child, would you want someone to walk around every day knowing that they killed your child and not come forward?”

Peterkin said even if people have called before, they should call again. They should ask for John Kivett, the lead detective on the case, at (910) 624-5562.RELATED:$20,000 reward offered after Hoke Co. teen killed at 2013 party

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