RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Families facing crisis in the Triangle will now have a more comfortable place to seek support. Triangle Family Services (TFS) has wrapping up a million-dollar renovation project at its facility and unveiled a mural.

“Beautiful Possibilities”, the name of the mural, is what staff at TFS hope will be the outcome for people who come through their doors.

“Families come to us in crisis that have experience a trauma in some of the most difficult times of their lives,” said Alize Lutz, chief executive officer of TFS.

Lutz has watched thousands come through their doors during the past three decades for supervised visitations, therapy, or emergency housing. She is stepping down but leaving TFS in a better place.

“The building was old and it leaked and so, in our therapy rooms, there were literally buckets to catch the water,” Lutz said. “There was safety and security with bars on windows, and what did that tell them about themselves?”

After a $1.3 million modernization, the rooms are free from leaks, modern security cameras are mounted, lighting improved and the spaces are more inviting.

The artist behind this new mural, David Eichenberger, hopes his piece sets the right tone as people make their way inside. The mural is a colorful piece set on TFS’ brick façade. It features some flower buds and some that have bloomed. Near the top are a caterpillar and a chrysalis with a blue eastern swallowtail butterfly soaring above.

“Growth and hope, you know? Change is good. You shouldn’t be scared of change,” said Eichenberger.

“I think the caterpillar struggling in the chrysalis, and then the butterfly coming and taking flight — hopefully it’ll be a symbol for them. A symbol of hope. A symbolism of beauty,” said Lutz.

While she may walking away, Lutz said there is always someone there to help.

“The first step is the courage to reach out. Reach out and tell somebody that you need help,” Lutz said.

Part of these renovations, about $400,000 worth, were paid for through American Rescue Plan Act funding. TFS was one of 13 nonprofits awarded a total of $10 million in APRPA funds for community-health initiatives.