RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — As extreme heat continues to impact the country this summer, a new website was launched to help everyone from parents sending their kids to camp, to bosses sending their employees to work outside, how to deal with the dangers of our hot summers.

The website, Heat.gov, provides valuable information from different federal agencies in one place, making it easy to get what you need.

“Extreme weather events are more frequent and more expensive and more lethal than they ever have been, and it’s getting worse and worse,” explains Secretary Gina Raimondo with the Department of Commerce.

More extreme heat means more heat related illnesses and death, and hundreds of people die every year from extreme heat, more than any other weather event.

So, a big part of the website is teaching everyone how to stay safe when the temperatures rise.

“We also provide communication and training materials on extreme heat with specific series for youth sports coaches, and social media tool kits on extreme heat for state and local health departments,” says Dr. Pat Breysse, Director of CDC’s National Center for Environment Health.

Heat impacts people differently. The elderly, children, people without air conditioning and pregnant woman are all at greater risk of heat illness.

But heat illness and death are preventable, we just have to be prepared.

“That’s why we’re working so hard to prepare Americans and to prevent these tragedies,” Secretary Raimondo says. “We don’t have to accept this.”

In addition to human lives at risk due to extreme heat, estimates say the U.S. loses $100 billion every year as a result of outdoor workers not being able to do their job when it’s dangerously hot. There are many facets to heat dangers, and this is just one more tool to help us stay safe and adapt. 

Learn more about heat.gov and how it works here.