CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) – On July 22, 2019, NC State Highway Patrol Trooper Chris Wooten’s life was changed forever when he was struck by a car while chasing a suspect on his motorcycle in west Charlotte.

Wooten was paralyzed from the neck down and has been undergoing treatment in different locations since that day. He was transported to Atlanta, Georgia for treatment a few days after the crash and has been there with his family ever since.

Exactly two years to the day of the crash, the NC State Highway Patrol provided an update from his wife on Facebook that Wooten has been doing great during his recovery and might be able to move back home at the end of August, when his home renovations in Cramerton are complete.

“Chris has been an incredible fighter throughout his recovery process. His sense of humor and spirits are high especially considering what he has gone through,” the post read. “Chris has received a lot of support from his family and friends throughout his journey and has made new friends while in Georgia.”

The post adds that Corporal Thomas Burkett has been spending tons of time with Wooten and his family and actually was awarded the Colonel’s Award from the NCSHP for his exceptional support during Wooten’s time in Atlanta.

Throughout Wooten’s recovery, the NCSHP says he moved to an apartment in February 2020, was ordained as a minister and performed a wedding ceremony for his daughter in November 2020, and most recently was designated as an Honorary State Trooper by the Georgia State Patrol in June.

“Chris is a true warrior who has exemplified the meaning of resiliency throughout this entire recovery process,” the post says. “We would be remiss to not recognize the vital role Sharon has played throughout this journey. Her selfless dedication to being Chris’s caretaker and loving wife has been unwavering.”