OAK ISLAND, N.C. (WNCN) – A rescue group at Oak Island said three drownings in the last month are due to rip currents.

Oak Island Water Rescue posted to Facebook on Wednesday saying witness statements led them to believe the drownings were due to rip currents.

On Tuesday, there was a “Moderate rip current risk” – the same that was in place for five total drownings on the island, the rescue group said.

“We do our best to publicize the daily rip current risk and will continue sharing beach hazard/rip current information by every means we have. We welcome new ideas and will gladly work with organizations to help promote water safety,” Oak Island Water Rescue said.

One person was pulled to the shore after two men swam out to rescue the victim who was caught in a rip current.

“These men took an extreme risk as 30% of rip current drownings are those attempting to rescue someone in a rip current. We know that in nearly every case, one or more persons will attempt a swimming rescue,” the group said.

Oak Island Water Rescue said it discourages anyone from attempting a swimming rescue in a rip current but if you’re going to do it – use a floatation device.

The rescue group posted to Facebook just after midnight Wednesday discussing the efforts made during its response to a drowning call.

“Today was another difficult day on the beach,” the post read.

In late May, 16 swimmers were rescued from rip currents at Carolina Beach in one weekend, according to the National Weather Service.