3 young dogs euthanized after being abandoned at NC park

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Three dogs were euthanized Wednesday after someone left them near a tree at Latham Park, according to Guilford County Animal Services.

Officials say the dogs tested positive for parvo, a contagious virus that can be deadly.

People living on Latham Road told WGHP they saw someone in a van unload the dogs before driving away.

The dogs were still wearing harnesses and were left with a bowl of water, a sealed container of food and bedding.

Michelle Morar walked outside after seeing the dogs wandering into the road.

“The biggest concern I had is this is a very busy road, people don’t always go the speed limit, this is in a corner,” she said, gesturing to Latham Road.

Several people stayed with the animals until Guilford County Animal Services arrived.

“They were scared, and trembling,” she said. “I don’t know why they left them here, it’s sad, it really was.”

The Guilford County Animal Shelter Director says the dogs were between five and eight months old and were too sick to save.

“It makes you mad,” Morar said. “They were absolutely dehydrated, they were staggering around, they didn’t want any food whatsoever, I tried to coax them with some treats, they did not want treats at all, it was really sad.”

Parvo can be transmitted easily, and people living nearby say the sick puppies posed a risk for other dogs too.

Morar urged people to call for help when they need it, instead of abandoning animals.

“Get only the dog you can take care of, that would be my advice to anybody,” she said.

The shelter director urges pet owners to get pets vaccinated to help prevent the spread of the virus.

He said the shelter can connect people to free resources if needed. If owners do have to surrender, he said the process is no-cost and judgment-free.

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