Airline travel continues to increase at NC airports amid Spring Break

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY)- Like most things when it’s come to the COVID-19 pandemic, learning how to travel all over again has been a journey. 

“Very different, long,” Maria Terry said.  

Terry just finished a trip to Ghana. She says the steps to get that re-entry stamp at the customs checkpoint were very thorough. 

“You give them your passport. They’ll ask you for your COVID test,” Terry said. “They’re strict on the dates, they’re going to check your dates.”  

She was one more than a million other travelers who flew Sunday. Compare that to only 122,000 one year ago.

The soaring passenger numbers are also bringing more families back to the airport. 

“The terminals were busy. Our flight out was a little busy. I’m fully vaccinated, so as the adult I felt better,” said Mary Forbes.

The Arkwright family had grandma in tow, back from a trip to see relatives. She felt safe with the kids, but warns others to come prepared.  

“So many snacks, lots of hand sanitizer,” Forbes said. “iPads loaded.”  

Despite the decreasing number in cases, and more vaccines going out each day, travelers say they’re being careful.  

 “If you have a face shield you can wear that as well,” said Terry.  

But take it from Nada Jaber — be prepared to deal with some folks who still don’t understand that the mask goes over your nose and mouth and yes, you should breathe normally. 

“Just because you are following the right protocols doesn’t mean everyone else is doing the same as you,” said Jaber.  

Airline travel is picking back up with 1.5 million passengers, but there are still planes parked in the desert.

After Spring Break and before summer will be the best indicator of how the market is coming back and where people are heading,  

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