OUTER BANKS, N.C. — The famous blind horse, Amadeo, died at the age of 40, according to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

He freely roamed the beaches for more than 20 years.

“How many times can we start writing this post and delete it because there just are no words to convey how overwhelmingly devastated we are?” the fund wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

The fund says Amadeo started having stiff back legs several weeks ago, causing him to slow down.

Their vet had been working to help Amadeo manage his pain and arthritis, but he fell on Friday and could not get back up.

He died of natural causes of Friday.

“He was surrounded in love by his horse friends, Luna the barn kitty, his canine best friend Lucile, and our herd manager and trainer,” the fund said.

On Saturday, he was buried in his pasture.

Amadeo was the king of the beach, and the heart and soul of CWHF. His legacy will go down in history. He spent more than 20 years in the wild and leaves behind many offspring who will carry on his Banker genes. And once he was rescued, he touched so many lives as an outreach ambassador. Amadeo was one of the kindest, smartest, toughest horses any of us ever knew. He loved children and was endlessly gentle and patient with them, and despite his blindness he trusted those of us who cared for him implicitly. Being a part of his life was an honor that we will always cherish.