SNOW HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — In front of family, friends, and supporters in his hometown of Snow Hill Tuesday night, Don Davis uttered the words, “we did it.”

The North Carolina State Senator will now serve as the congressman for district one, which encompasses the northeastern part of the state.

It’s an area he grew up in.

“I stand on the shoulders of so many who have just been phenomenal leaders for eastern North Carolina,” Davis said.

Just days after his victory on Election Day, Davis said he’s back to work.

“Our kids don’t have to leave to go to other parts of the state or head north because they feel that there is a lack of opportunity. We often in the eastern part of the state feel that we are left out and even forgotten,” he stated. “But what we have worked so hard to be a champion for the east is making sure that we are not forgotten, and we are bringing resources back home,” said Davis.

Davis said one of his top priorities as he prepares to head to Capitol Hill is bringing better paying jobs to the district he’ll represent.

He said he also has his eyes on other challenges eastern North Carolina faces.

“There are so many potholes that are still out there. The potholes of education challenges. Kids not getting the best education and we have to fight for our kids in the east to get a good education and that’s the pipeline for a very good labor force. And there are potholes of disparities in healthcare,” explained Davis.

He will take the oath of office and start his new role in January.