HICKORY, N.C. (WJZY) — A three-week-old baby is recovering at home after she was hit by a baseball at a Hickory Crawdads game Friday night. 

Georgia Prestwood is only three weeks old, but she has already proven she’s strong. 

“There’s those hours that you’re not sure whether you’re going to take your little girl home that was really the darkest part for us,” said Georgia’s dad, Hunt Prestwood. 

Baby Georgia was with her Lenoir family at the Hickory Crawdads minor-league game Friday night at L.P Frans Field. 

Her dad, Hunt, was feeding her and had his back turned to the game when he heard people shouting that there was a foul ball. 

The family was in the picnic area behind the first base dugout. Prestwood says he curled the baby in his arms and covered her. 

“I guess the ball ended up coming down between my ear and my shoulder and striking Georgia on the top of the head,” said Prestwood. 

Prestwood says he feared the worst because Georgia did not make a sound. 

“I looked down, she’s not crying her eyes are shut she just kind of shrunk her body she just kind of curled up into herself,” he recalled. 

They ran to the nurses’ station, and the baby started crying. 

An ambulance took them to the hospital where Georgia had a CT scan and they found out Georgia had a fractured skull and bleeding on her brain. 

Georgia had to fly without her parents by helicopter to Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem. 

“It was scary seeing her with all the IVs and the neck brace and everything else,” said Prestwood. “When you have a child that young and you don’t know, just the waiting is awful, it kills you and you don’t know what’s going on.” 

The medical team watched Georgia closely. 

And it turns out, the doctors told her parents they believe the baby’s skull will heal on its own. 

“You feel like the weight of the world was on your chest, and it’s all gone.” 

Her dad says they are not out of the dark just yet, but the days are looking brighter.