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Bipartisan bill introduced to end gerrymandering in NC

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle filed a bill Wednesday that aims to end gerrymandering in North Carolina. 

Reps. Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson), John Hardister (R-Guilford), Robert Rieves (D-Chatham), and Brian Turner (D-Buncombe) are primary sponsors on House Bill 69 which would establish an 11-member citizen commission. 

That commission would then draw voting districts based on "robust public input."

"This is something that should be done regardless of which party is in power," Hardister said. 

The commission would break with North Carolina's system of politicians drawing voting maps. 

"This bill will ensure that all North Carolina voters have a voice in choosing their representatives," Rieves said. 

The bill would establish:

  • 11-person commission of voters nominated by lawmakers
  • The commission would have four Republicans, four Democrats, and three non-affiliated voters.
  • Public hearings would be held before and after the maps are drawn
  • The plan will be sent to the General Assembly where they will be voted on without alterations.


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