Call from Duke’s legendary Coach K gives motivation, hope for NC dad battling heart failure

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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Jordan Hardy always knew he might need another heart transplant. But he really hasn’t thought much about it because he has accomplished so much.

“I’ve been pretty healthy since then,” Hardy said. “I had one rejection. Since then, I’ve been healthy, taking my medicine, going to the doctor.”

FOX8 first met Hardy 15 years ago after his first heart transplant. Since then, he has gone to school, gotten a job, and become a father to two young children. Hardy was living his life. Then last month, his health started to decline.

“I got really out of breath if I did a whole lot,” Hardy said. “With it being coronavirus, I thought I caught COVID. I was leaning that route. I couldn’t do anything without getting winded and out of breath.”

The doctors told him it wasn’t COVID. Rather, his heart was failing, and there was nothing they could do.

“It’s really scary. I have two kids. It took me by surprise. It’s super scary,” Hardy said.

The news hit his mother, Shelia Hardy, just as hard.

“The first night we brought him home, I didn’t think he would make it,” she said. “He looked so sad, so defeated.”

“Made me feel like it was coming to an end,” Hardy said. “I didn’t get to do all the things I wanted to do. I didn’t get to spend time with my kids like I wanted to. It was heartbreaking news.”

The family went home with a broken spirit. Hardy’s childhood friends stopped by daily to cheer him up and reminisce about teenage adventures. The visits were nice, but one friend decided more needed to be done. Hardy is a lifelong Duke Blue Devils fan. So his buddy made some phone calls. The next time Hardy picked up his phone, he didn’t believe the caller ID. He thought his friend was playing another prank.

“He’s a bit of a jokester. Ain’t no way. But as soon as I heard the voice, I knew it was Coach K,” Hardy said.

Mike Krzyzewski, the legendary Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball coach, called Hardy. The phone call gave Hardy the strength and hope he needed to get through this rough patch in his life.

“I couldn’t give up then,” Hardy said. “He told me he was fighting and praying for me. I had to do it for him too. He is one of the best coaches ever.”

The call from Coach K energized the entire family. The follow-up phone call from Duke University wasn’t bad either.

“He got me in touch with some doctors at Duke that can give me some good news and positive information that can help me in this,” Hardy said.

Duke University doctors are currently reviewing Hardy’s medical records, searching for a way to prolong his life.

“My spirits are uplifted, but we have to stay even-keeled,” Shelia Hardy said. “We have to see what they say at Duke, what the plan is and what they think.”

Hardy’s new challenge has just begun. Thanks to a phone call from Coach K, Jordan and Shelia Hardy are ready to face whatever comes their way.

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