CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – Whether you’re getting a tune-up or tricking out your truck, most auto shops got your gear.

“Car culture has always been attention driven,” said Tim Vanstrom, manager at 4 Wheel Parts on South Blvd.

What drives auto shops nuts, though, is the Carolina squat.

Owner of Primal 4X4 and Fab Jim Hodge said, “I can set them up however you want them, but I will not do that!”

The Carolina Squat is an after-market modification when someone buys a lift kit for their truck and only installs about half of it leaving something like this out.

It causes the front of the truck to be several inches higher than the back. Lawmakers and credible auto shop owners say it’s beyond dangerous.

“A, you can’t see over the hood, B, you’re robbing the transmission of lubrication and C, when driving the vehicle, you’re actually getting airflow underneath the vehicle making it even more unstable,” Hodge said.

Google trends show in the last year, more and more people searched for “Carolina squat” and “squatted truck.” Now, a bill is making its way through the NC General Assembly to put an end to the trend.

“If it’s a trend for now, I’d be OK if it would just fizzle out and go away,” said Vanstrom.

The bill would prohibit drivers from elevating their vehicles more than three inches above the manufacturer’s height in the front and two inches below in the back.

“If you don’t have a clear line of vision, that’s a major safety issue,” Vanstrom said.

If the bill passes, drivers in violation could have their license revoked or face a fine.