CHEYENNE, Wy. (WNCN) – The Carolina Cowboys kick off their regular season tonight in Wyoming in a two-day event in the first of 10 on the season.

The Cowboys are one of eight founding teams in the new PBR Team Series and are a team under the Richard Childress Racing operations.

Carolina is one of eight teams in the new PBR Team series, an official release said, with a standard five-on-five setup per game in the 10 events of the regular season.

“For the four games on Monday and on Tuesday, each team’s head coach will select five riders to match against the five bulls assigned to their team,” the release said. “The team with the highest aggregate score will be the game-winner, and ties will be allowed. The same process will be repeated on the second night of competition, with each team facing a new opponent.”

Additionally, a bonus round will follow Tuesday’s second round of games with each team selecting one rider to attempt one bull. This additional round is independent of the weekend results and only applies to overall standings.

“The overall event-winning team will be the team with the best overall win-loss record. In the event of a tie in the event standings, a team’s bonus points will be the first tiebreaker,” the release said.

The Cowboys will face the Nashville Stampede on Monday and the Arizona Ridge Riders on Tuesday.

Carolina went 2-2 during the preseason, with a point differential of 631.75-519.