RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A North Carolina woman won a $2 million prize after spinning a giant prize wheel Wednesday.

Rosa Lilly, 67, of Mount Gilead had the chance to spin a giant wheel prize at the “Bigger $pin Live Event”. The $2 million prize was the top prize offered in the event.

Lilly told her daughter the night before that she was going to win the $2 million prize.

Lilly is a retired certified nursing assistant and is the first $2 million winner in the history of the event.

“I’m so excited right now, it just feels great,” Lilly said.

Lilly’s good luck began when she bought a $10 Bigger $pin scratch-off ticket at a grocery store in Mount Gilead.

“I was so happy, that was my lucky day,” Lilly said.

Lilly originally received $50,000 when she first won the prize. After Lilly’s big spin, she received an additional $1.95 million. After taxes, she took home $1,420,274.

Lilly plans to use her money to take a vacation to the Bahamas, remodel her house, buy a new Lexus and give some money to her church and family.

Lilly is the fourth person to have the chance to win one of the $2 million prizes. At the first event in November, a retired Greensboro postal worker won $900,000 and a Durham cook won $400,000.

At the second event in January, a manufacturing plant worker in Fayetteville won $500,000.

There are two more chances to win $2 million. One more person can win a turn at the prize wheel on the scratch-off and another person can win a turn in a second-chance drawing.