ASHEBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – The North Carolina Zoo is welcoming three new red wolf pups to their family.

The three brothers were born on April 20. They were born to mom, Ayita, and dad, Denali, the Zoo said. Ayiti and Denali gave birth to two females–Alli and Roan–last year.

The Zoo said, “Red wolves live in family groups, often with a mother and father and several years of offspring.”

The new pups will not be on display at the zoo yet. They are staying behind the scenes as a part of the red wolf breeding program. Keeping them behind the scenes allows them to retain their fear of humans and stay wild, in preparation for possible future opportunities for release, according to the Zoo.

The N.C. Zoo joined the American Red Wolf Recovery Program in 1994. The red wolf is labeled as critically endangered. Only between 15 and 30 red wolves still live in the wild. The breeding program aims to conserve the species and grow the wild population.