GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Debris in the road or on the side of it poses a danger to drivers in Greensboro. The issue has the attention of city leaders. 

WGHP crews spotted dozens of blown tires, vehicle parts and several bumpers across the city on Monday.

“After an accident, I think we will drive down the street, and it’s not uncommon to see bumpers still left on the street and other car parts,” Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan said at a city council work session on Sept. 1. 

Vaughan said that debris left on the road is concerning. She worries the city ordinance in place to keep the road clear is rarely being enforced.

“I think it’s important when there’s an accident that all the debris gets out of the road,” Vaughan said. 

Greensboro police have a list of towing services they call to clear the scene after a crash happens. 

“I believe most of the ones on city rotation pretty much clean up their accident scene,” said Ed Washam, president of Gate City Towing.

Washam’s towing business has provided services to the city for more than a decade. 

“There’s usually bumpers and glass that’s shattered, plastic parts, parts of motors,” Washam said. “We’ve seen doors that’ve been cut off by the fire department to get people out, so all that right there we end up cleaning up.” 

Washam told FOX8 that the debris drivers see littering the road is likely left when drivers involved in crashes call towing companies on their own after the damage is done.  

“It could be from people who have wrecks, and they’re able to drive their cars off,” Washam said. “They don’t even report the accident. They don’t have any insurance or anything like that, so they just drive off.” 

Vaughan said she wants tow truck companies to understand their role in keeping the roadways clean and clear. 

“I would suggest that we make sure that all of our towing agencies understand that they can and will…get fined because they’re getting paid to remove this stuff,” Vaughan said. 

Vaughan said that towing companies could receive a $50 fine if debris is not removed after a crash.