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Democrats, Republicans looking into election fraud in 9th Congressional District

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - The fight over election fraud in North Carolina is intensifying as Democrats and Republicans are calling for an investigation with jail time and another election on the table.

Allegations of voter fraud are nothing new in the 9th district of North Carolina, which covers eight counties in the southern part of the state.

"We are being once again embarrassed in this state that our elections don't count," said Sen. Tommy Tucker (R-Union Co). "People's votes don't count."

The latest allegations involve McCrae Dowless, who is a Bladen County political operative.

"These people engaging in this are hired guns," said NCGOP Chair Dallas Woodhouse. "They are political mercenaries."

Dowless is accused of illegally collecting mail in ballots that have impacted the US House race between Mark Harris and Dan McCready, which Harris won by 905 votes.

McCready took to Twitter to withdraw his concession in the race.

McCready is now calling on Harris to end his silence and talk about what he knew, and when.

"This is so much bigger than the 9th congressional race right now," Woodhouse said. "We didn't have anything to do with this. We would never participate in this."

"We have voters who are the victims here," said NC Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin. "This is election fraud, election rigging, election tampering."

"Whoever is responsible we need to eliminate that, and if they need to go to jail they need to go to jail," Tucker said.

While both sides of the aisle are calling for an investigation, they can't seem to agree on how it should be handled.

"I think we should let the district attorney and let the state board of elections do it's job, and let the investigators do their job," Goodwin said. "I think they'll get to the bottom of this."

"The board of elections needs to show their hand sooner rather than later," Woodhouse said. "If they can show that there is a substantial likelihood this outcome of this race should be changed the law requires a new election. We won't oppose it."

As the days continue to pass there is one thing Democrats and Republicans can gree on as we move closer to the Dec. 21 deadline for a hearing.

"Both sides of us agree this can never happen again," Woodhouse said.

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