CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) – Federal documents related to the investigation into the Capitol breach of Jan. 6 reveal that North Carolina served as a training base for some militia members.

A superseding indictment against several alleged members of the militia group Oath Keepers shows at least one man “attended a training camp in North Carolina.”

The documents do not go into detail about where the camp was located.

In a text message shortly before the attack, one suspect told another person to expect “at least one full bus 40+ people coming from N.C.”

The text message continued saying an unnamed person would “have the goodies in case things go bad and we need to get heavy.”

When the violent mob fought their way into the Capitol, former High Point Police Officer Laura Steele was among them.

In the same superseding indictment, investigators say Steele had recently joined the Oath Keepers.

She cited her law enforcement training on her application to join the paramilitary group.

“The (Oath Keepers) recruit heavily from law enforcement and military,” said Dr. Shannon Reid, a Criminology Professor at UNC Charlotte. “A lot of their beliefs are conspiracy theories about protecting the united states from a new world order.”

On the morning of Jan. 6, Steele and the other members of her group “prepared themselves for battle before heading to the Capitol by equipping themselves with communication devices and donning reinforced vests, helmets, and goggles,” according to the indictment.

“They have this image of themselves as a true line of defense against a corrupt government protecting true democracy,” said Reid.

So far, five people from North Carolina have been charged in the Capitol breach.