KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) – It was a special day on the baseball diamond as the first Battle of the Badges, presented by Lenoir Community College, was played at Grainger Stadium in eastern North Carolina.

Even though Kinston police and its fire department work together every day, they met again at Grainger Stadium on Saturday they grabbed their bats and gloves all to support one local man and bring the community together.

“This is a chance for us to just come out here have a good time, kind of just lay it all out and just loosen up a little bit. Have a good time,” Major of operations for the Kinston Police Department, Keith Goyette said.

This is the very first year of the Battle of the Badges event, and those who participated want to make it an annual event, supporters said.

The Kinston police and fire department played to raise money for the Jonathan Manning foundation. Manning has stage four cancer.

“He started out over on the fire department, and he wanted to be a public safety officer,” Administration Captain for Kinston Fire Department, William Barss, said. “And so when the chance came, he was able to go and put in on the police side,” said Administration Captain for Kinston Fire Department, William Barss.”

It was also an opportunity for the community to interact with both departments.

“Our main goal is to help everybody in any kind of situation,” Kinston Police Department officer Ashley Gonzalez said. “So it’s a call for service, and we are public service, even if we’re PD or FD, we’re always there for you.”

Even though there was some friendly competition on the field, the purpose of Saturday’s game went well beyond the score.

“We just want to let Jonathan know that we love him, Barss said. “And that we you know, he’s fire family. And he’s police family. And we he is city family. And that’s what matters.”

While it was all fun and games, both teams brought their competitiveness to the field, all for a good cause.