EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (WNCN) – According to a Facebook post made to a neighborhood page, a Boardwalk RV resident chased a stranger and his dog off her property Sunday.

As it turns out, the man was a plain-clothed Secret Service agent with a bomb-sniffing dog. The duo was scoping out the area prior to President Donald Trump’s scheduled visit, which ended up getting canceled Monday afternoon.

On Sunday afternoon, a Boardwalk RV resident affectionately known as Ms. Joanne spotted a man she didn’t recognize walking his dog through the Boardwalk RV Park, which is private property that she supervises.

As the area supervisor Ms. Joanne, who is in her 80s, routinely patrols the area in her “security” golf cart.

After speaking with the man, she told him he had no business being there. He left without incident.

The next day, the man returned wearing his Secret Service uniform. He explained to Ms. Joanne that he was part of an advance team sweeping the area ahead of Trump’s planned visit to examine damage from Hurricane Dorian.

The two took time to pose for a picture to go along with a story neither will ever forget.

Unfortunately, Trump’s visit to Emerald Isle was canceled due to severe weather in the area.