PLYMOUTH, N.C. (WNCT) — On Sunday morning, four senior citizens lost their homes at River View Apartments in Plymouth.

On Saturday around 7 p.m., the Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department was called for what appeared to be a kitchen fire, Washington County Emergency Management confirmed. According to witnesses of the fire, the flames were taller than the trees.

The flames appeared to be contained by 10 p.m., but just a few hours later, the building was on fire again. Fire crews from other areas, like Jamesville, were called in to assist again.

“So we didn’t have anybody in the units, which is one thing we were very thankful for,” said Annette Ange, Plymouth Housing Authority executive director.

“Most of them that were there. That was everything they owned and things they have accumulated through their lives. You know, to see that gone was very sad for all of them,” said Ange.

On Monday, 71-year-old Richard Duggins stopped by with family and friends to what was once his home to grab medications, keepsakes and gifts for his grandchildren.

“My clothes, I had some stuff in there for my daughter and my grandkids, that’s what they put in the car,” said Duggins. “I smelled smoke but I didn’t think about it, you know? Until the neighbors came out and started knocking on my door because I was getting ready to go to bed and my neighbors said get out because the place is on fire.”

As for what comes next, Plymouth Housing Authority officials are working to find these residents new places to live. Washington County Emergency Management has already reached out to the American Red Cross to see about getting aid to these residents.