Foster mother charged in death of baby left in hot car at NC shopping center

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PINEVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) – The foster mother who police say left a 1-year-old baby in a hot car at a Pineville shopping center, ultimately leading to the child’s death, is being charged.

Dawn Aberson-Vanden Broecke, 42, is charged with involuntary manslaughter. Police said Tuesday that a warrant was obtained for Broecke’s arrest and she is expected to turn herself in.

The incident happened Aug. 29. Officers responded to a 911 call regarding the unresponsive 12-month-old inside a car at the Lowe’s parking lot on McMullen Creek Parkway.

Police say life-saving measures were taken and the child was taken to the hospital by Medic but was pronounced dead a short time later. On Tuesday, officials said the official cause of death had been determined to be hyperthermia due to environmental exposure.

Officers say an investigation has discovered that the baby was left inside the car for a prolonged period of time by the foster mother, identified Tuesday as Broecke. Police said Broecke was at work in the nearby shopping center prior to calling 911 about the unresponsive child.

Investigators said on Friday that the baby’s biological mother was not involved in the case.

Officials say Broecke has been cooperative with police and was interviewed at the police department.

No further information regarding the case was released.

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