RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A rise in oil prices over the last week has caused gas prices in the Raleigh area, and throughout North Carolina, to rise.

“It’s pretty ridiculous,” Dorez Wynn, one driver, said.

“[I’m] upset, it’s too much money to spend on gas,” another driver, Nick Ostendorff, said.

From Thursday to Friday, AAA Carolinas says fuel prices rose more than two cents overnight, bringing the average price per gallon in North Carolina to $3.28. That’s 17 cents up from one week ago, and 35 cents up from one month ago.

Some drivers are taking it in stride.

“I have to get to work, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do,” Ostendorff said.

But other drivers we spoke with say the jump in price is making them spend less time behind the wheel.

“A lot of times, you try to prevent as much movement as you can because gas runs out really quickly depending on what kind of car you have,” Wynn said.

AAA Carolinas says the price hike is due to oil prices rising over the last week, and oil accounts for at least half of what you pay at the pump. That means there’s no telling when or if the prices could go back down, and that has some drivers taking a look at their household budgets.

“I had to make some substitutions or sacrifices to get places, definitely,” Ostendorff said.

“You have to change your budget in some way, you have to change it where, you know, you can have some money for gas and sometimes the points, but then once it starts going up again, you have to switch things back over then and figure out how you’re going to get your finances together,” Wynn added.