UPDATE: Fredericksburg police said Sarina Niculescu was found safe in Maryland.

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FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (WNCN) — Police said Monday night that a teen girl who was “accidentally left behind” at a Home Depot in Virginia is missing and could be in North Carolina.

Sarina Niculescu, 13, was accidentally left behind at a Home Depot on Monday, according to Fredericksburg police.

Sarina could be somewhere along the I-95 corridor in Virginia, police said.

WTTG reported that police said the girl could be in North Carolina.

Sarina’s parents were not clear about which Home Depot she was last seen, according to WTTG, which added police said the girl could be as for north as Capital Heights, Maryland.

Sarina was last seen wearing a pink shirt with butterflies and a long black skirt, Fredericksburg police said.

Sarina Niculescu in a photo from Fredericksburg police.

Anyone with information about her location is asked to call 540-373-3122.