RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Doctors say the extreme cold temperatures we’re expecting can easily take a toll on your body.

Medical experts say if you don’t have adequate clothing, you have a higher risk of developing hypothermia. Older people, children and those who drink alcohol are the most sensitive to the extreme temperatures. When you add in the high winds we’re expecting, our bodies can deteriorate even quicker.

“As the wind speed picks up, the rate of which the body loses heat increases,” said Dr. Richard Moon, Duke professor of medicine.

Dr. Moon also discussed what needs to be on our clothing checklist when dealing with the extreme cold.

“Hats that would cover the ears or a parka, gloves, long pants and if you have any in your drawer or closet, long underwear,” Moon said.

Doctors advise if you need to run in the store with your infant, make sure the child is completely covered, even if you’re just going to be outside for a minute or two. However, the best advice is to stay inside if at all possible.