GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — A Goldsboro restaurant is getting a visit from America’s Best Restaurant this month.

Nai Thai 2 will be featured as part of the ABR Roadshow on Feb. 13. America’s Best Restaurants is a national media and marketing company focusing on local, independently-owned restaurants, according to a news release.

Popular dishes will be highlighted, along with an extensive on-camera interview with co-owners Larry Balio and his wife, Thanyakarn Singkonart-Balio, about the restaurant’s special place in the community. The episode will be aired extensively on social media channels at a later date. 

Special dishes that will likely be included in the episode include Northern Thai Curry,  Pad Thai, and Papaya Salad, which has a special place in the Singkonart family history.

The Northern Thai Curry is “not on a lot of other Thai menus,” Balio said.

Singkonart-Balio, known as ‘Pik’, grew up in a small village in northeastern Thailand. She and her two sisters, known as ‘Apple’ and ‘Bim’, learned to cook traditional Thai food from their mother, the release stated. 

“When my wife and her sisters were in Thailand, growing up, her mom would make papaya salad to sell to school teachers, neighbors — and that’s basically how she put these kids through college, was selling papaya salad,” Balio said, noting his wife and her sisters would deliver the salad to customers on their lunch break from school.

“If they can sell papaya salad to Thai people, it’s got to be pretty good,” Balio said. 

America’s Best Restaurants will be filming on location from 1 to 4 p.m.

Nai Thai 2’s finished episode premiere date will be announced on their Facebook page and will be featured on America’s Best Restaurants’ website.

Nai Thai 2 is at 1804 N. Berkeley Blvd. in Goldsboro.