CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) — A new report said Republican lawmakers are reportedly working on how to “deal” with North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn, should he get re-elected to Congress, citing a series of legal issues surrounding the freshman congressman.

According to the report from CNN Friday, Republican House members, some of them in Cawthorn’s wing of the party, are warning him that if he has any more legal issues, he could be facing being voted out of the House GOP conference.

According to Susan Roberts, a political science professor at Davidson College, she compared the potential of that to a political “Siberia” for Cawthorn.

Queen City News spoke with Roberts about the report, which specifically cited the two incidents where Cawthorn brought guns to airports (two incidents, one in Asheville and another in Charlotte, both less than a year apart), and his traffic and driving history in North Carolina. 

The report said that Republican leadership had already threatened his committee assignments if he did not change his behavior after making claims about other Republicans being involved in drug use and sexual orgies.  However, this was before some of the dashcam videos were released of his traffic stops and before he admitted to bringing a gun to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

“I think they’re doing it because he’s making them look bad,” said Roberts.  “But you get to a certain level, no matter what part you’re in.  And if someone is behaving poorly, it’s not a good reflection on the party itself.”

The report from CNN comes on top of another report published Friday by Politico, which took a deep dive into Cawthorn’s history, personal battles, controversies, and some going on record as saying the congressman is “not okay”.

“It might make people look a little more empathetic towards (him),” said Roberts of the Politico story.

Cawthorn has not explicitly responded to either CNN or Politico’s reporting since they were posted.  However, CNN did note that Cawthorn’s spokesperson declined to participate in their story, and Cawthorn tweeted a reference to the Politico report before it was posted, claiming bias against the reporter.