RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — As new developments emerge, the North Carolina State Board of Elections will again consider whether the Green Party can be certified and added to the fall ballot.

Prior to next Monday’s meeting, the board voted against that same measure, after revealing criminal allegations. To qualify to be on the ballot this year, the Green Party needed to submit at least 13,865 valid signatures.

The Board of Elections has since questioned the validity of the signatures that were gathered to become a recognized party.

In return, the Green Party has filed a challenge in court, saying the board has no legal authority for its decision.

CBS 17 has learned that the National Republican Senatorial Committee filed a brief with the courts saying they support the Green Party’s Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction. Democrats typically lose votes to the Green Party.

A letter to the NCSBE from attorneys for the Democratic Senatorial Committee was also obtained by CBS 17. The letter claims the level of fraud is greater than originally thought. The Green Party has denied any wrongdoing that’s not related to an outside contractor.

When CBS 17 asked about the new allegations and about why there would be additional consideration to recognize the Green Party, the NCBSE responded, “State Board staff will give a brief presentation to the Board about the latest findings in the investigation, then the Board will consider whether to recognize the North Carolina Green Party”.