Greensboro man who chose dog over surgery thanks community for helping him find a place to live

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Greensboro man has struggled to find a place to live because of his dog Duude.

Donald Dickerson’s story has been shared across the country since we first introduced you to the duo three weeks ago.

More than 230,000 people have read the story, and some as far as Colorado have called the WGHP newsroom to offer help.

Dickerson smiled as he walked out the sliding glass door of his Greensboro motel room.

“It’s a big difference. It’s a lot warmer,” Dickerson said.

Two weeks ago, he started calling the motel room after living in the woods for seven months with his dog Duude. 

“I love to see him sleeping. Sleeping out there in a tent on the ground and everything, we’re both restless…being here, he’s so comfortable,” he said.

He is in a safe and healthier place after WGHP viewers donated more than $45,000 to a GoFundMe page to help him get a home.

“I’m still overwhelmed with the donations that I got, the love, the comments,” Dickerson said. “I couldn’t believe just me loving my dog would touch people like that.”

He got a red Kia SUV to help him get around town, too. It’s the first time he has had his own transportation in three years.

He is used to walking everywhere, putting enormous strain on his knee, and he needs surgery. To get it, doctors want Dickerson to have permanent housing lined up.

“I don’t think a motel…especially with COVID going on… is acceptable to the doctors because I asked them if it would be satisfactory to get the surgery and recuperate, so I don’t think it will because I haven’t heard back,” he said.

While things are starting to turn around for Dickerson and his best friend, there have been some setbacks and scares along the way.

“I let him out one morning, and something or someone stabbed him in his neck, and I thought I lost my baby,” he said.

A baby he adores so much he gave him a special name.

“I spell it with two Us because that’s my Duude. Not my Dude…that’s my Duude,” Dickerson said, emphasizing it with love.

Duude got stitched up and has recovered. 

He’s a happy dog ready to enjoy a better life with his owner.

“We held on this long. I can hold on to a little bit longer,” Dickerson said. “So hopefully the New Year we’ll be in place. I love to see him sleeping. We’re going to keep fighting.”

If you want to help Dickerson, he no longer stands along Wendover Avenue asking for money. He is just using his GoFundMe page which has well exceeded his goal. 

He wanted us to thank all of you for the help.

He said the next time he’s standing back in his spot, he will be holding a “Thank you” sign.

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