RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Black Friday — it’s no longer just a day when merchants offer special holiday deals, it’s now a week’s long event and negotiating it can be a financial adventure. 

The retail landscape is always competitive, but at this time of year, merchants fight head-to-head for your holiday shopping dollars.

To do so, merchants are starting their Black Friday deals earlier and earlier in the season.

The trouble is, all these stores jumped the gun and they do an early sale at the beginning of November, and then they do a middle sale and they all call them Black Friday sales,” said consumer analyst Edgar Dworsky. 

Walmart did its first phase of Black Friday deals last week and now is getting ready for next week’s “extended” Black Friday sales. 

“On Wednesday, we’re starting Black Friday early online and closing stores down on Thursday,” said Walmart senior Manager CherryEvans. “Then, we are opening on Friday and continuing the offering throughout the weekend.” 

Walmart isn’t the only retailer offering extended Black Friday deals, so how do you prep for it?  

One great resource is the Black Friday section of the website Gottadeal.

That’s where you can see all the circulars that have been released so far,” said Dworsky. “You can begin to do some planning” 

Let’s say you see an item like a TV you want. Write down the model number and other info and go to the website RTINGS. That website has lots of information, including what experts have to say about the item you are considering purchasing. 

Because Black Friday has been reinvented and extended, some people won’t wait till next week to do the majority of their holiday shopping. 

But, there are still many others who do wait for the start of the Black Friday bargain season and they’ll be hitting stores starting next week. 

With the cost of living and inflation still a factor in many households, folks are looking for bargains that’ll help stretch their shopping dollars this season. 

The BCG consulting group said its survey of shoppers found 74% of shoppers want deals to help stretch their shopping dollars whether its online or while making an in-person purchase. 

The group also said this year retail customers are more deal focused than ever and they say consumers expect discounts of at least 30% off.