‘He’s pretty tore up about it’: NC dad says son who shot own daughter, girlfriend was drunk

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LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A Lincoln County father is defending his son who shot his own daughter and his girlfriend on Thursday. He says he doesn’t believe his son deserves the charges he’s facing.

Paul Lamkin Sr. says his son did not intentionally shoot the two. He said he spoke to his son, who said he was drunk at the time when he got into an argument with his longtime girlfriend Taylor Whitaker.

Lamkin Sr. said when his son tried to use the car, Whitaker threatened to call the police and report the car stolen.

According to the father, Whitaker went back in the home, but his son pulled out his gun to shoot in the air. However, instead of shooting up, bullets ricocheted into the home. Lamkin Jr.’s grandmother rushed outside to tell him he shot in the house, and Whitaker and his 7-year-old daughter had been hit.

“My granddaughter is alright. He apologizes to her. He wants to apologize to her. He didn’t mean to shoot her, he wasn’t shooting at her. He was just mad.”

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reported Lamkin Jr. was found in a quarry after falling 50 feet to the ground after running in the dark woods.

Lamkin Jr.’s father explained he wasn’t running from police, he was just ashamed.

“I don’t want anyone to think my son just went crazy and tried to kill his kids, and kill his wife because that’s not how it happened at all. He’s pretty tore up about it, and he’s willing to suffer whatever.”

Whitaker, Lamkin Jr., and their 7-year-old are all recovering in the hospital.

Authorities plan to charge Lamkin Jr. with two counts of felony attempted murder and shooting into an occupied dwelling.

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