GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Rising gas prices in the Piedmont Triad are impacting small gas stations.

According to AAA, North Carolina’s average price of gas is $4.67. One week ago, it was $4.52.

WGHP spent about an hour and a half at Pure Gas Station on Vickery Chapel Road in Greensboro, and every conversation customers had walking through the doors was about the price of gas.

“It’s ridiculous. I put $20 in my truck, and the next day it’s like I didn’t put anything,” a customer said.

“$4.57? That’s almost like $5,” another customer said.

High gas prices could not be avoided in conversation at Pure Gas Station on Monday.

Store clerk Mazhel Iqbell gets an earful every day.

“Right now, everybody has been complaining about gas prices,” he said.

$4.57 a gallon surprised customer Shantell when she pulled up to the pump.

This is her go-to spot to stop on her way to work.

“Going to work is ridiculous. I have to drive a 30-minute commute,” she said. “I want a job closer to home now, so I don’t have to drive. I would rather have public transportation at this point.”

Additionally, Iqbell said he has been seeing a decline in customers, too.

“Before, I would see 100-150 customers every day. Right now, …70-75,” he said.

Those aren’t the only numbers changing.

“I used to have about $12,000 a day sale…right now, it is $6,000- $7,000,” Iqbell said.

He hopes something will change soon.

“I hope the gas comes back low, and more customers come,” Iqbell said.

On Monday afternoon, a fuel truck made a delivery.

Iqbell told WGHP his station would normally order about 2,000 gallons of fuel. With the rise in prices and the lack of business, he only needed 600.