How close is too close? Homes in NC town’s new subdivisions built just feet apart

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BELMONT, N.C. (WJZY) – New subdivisions in Belmont are getting the side-eye because some homes are too close together.

In the Laurel Walk community, several homes line R.L. Stowe Road and you can tell they’re just feet apart.

Kenya, who’s lived in the new homes since April, said space between her neighbors wasn’t a high priority on her shopping list.

“If you have more space between your neighbors, that’s more lawn maintenance that you’ve got to think about, and it truly doesn’t bother me,” she said.

Just a few doors down, Christal, who was one of the first homeowners to move in August 2019, finds the short distance a good way to know your neighbors.

“A lot of people live in apartments and townhomes, and they’re even closer than we are…and that’s okay. We have a great sense of community here,” she said.

While she sees the positive aspect in it all, Christal has noticed the closer the homes are to each other, the less sunlight on the side of the homes.

“I would think they need to do more dry creek beds in the middle of the homes, because you can’t get grass to grow,” Christal said.

Longtime Belmont resident Kevin Carr does not like the style of the new homes at all. He said even though Belmont is thriving right now, the high-density housing is creating more traffic in certain areas.

“They’re going to squeeze as many people as they can to get as much money as they can,” Carr said. “I think until the city is pushed or forced to make a change, they’re just going to let people get away with it.”

The City of Belmont is holding a public meeting Monday to consider amending Chapter 4 of the Land Development Code (LDC). If amended, the minimum side-yard setback for single-family residential lots will increase space between houses.

In an available report online, a neighborhood tour was conducted and more space between houses was a concern. To check out the full findings, click here.


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