RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A study ranking the “most sinful” cities in America over the past year was friendly to the Triangle.

Wallethub’s study broke down 182 cities and ranked them based on their sinfulness. But what makes a city sinful? The study used seven groups based on the seven deadly sins: anger and hatred, jealousy, excess and vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness.

Each trait was weighted evenly. For anger and hatred, it scored cities based on metrics like the number of violent crimes, deaths due to firearms, and the number of sex offenders per capita. Jealousy also factored in crimes like identity theft and thefts per capita.

For excesses and vices, cities were judged on their share of obese adults and the presence of fast-food restaurants. It also considered coffee, alcohol, marijuana, and opioid consumption.

Greed scored cities by the presence of casinos, charitable donations as a share of income, and the share of adults with gambling problems.

Vanity considered tanning salons per capita and the Google interest for plastic surgeons. Laziness evaluated how often adults exercise, volunteer, and the high school dropout rate, among other metrics.

Scoring for lust factored in the number of adult entertainment establishments per capita and the teen birth rate. It also looked at Google interest in online adult entertainment and the interest in the Tinder dating app.

How sinful is North Carolina?

As it turns out, not very sinful. Charlotte ranked 54th overall and was determined to be North Carolina’s most sinful city. After that, Fayetteville barely edged out Juneau, Alaska, and Rochester, New York, to finish 75th. At 95th, Greensboro was the state’s final inclusion in the top 100.

The Triangle isn’t all that sinful an area. Raleigh (111) and Durham (149) finished low overall, although each finished relatively high in the greed category. Both were weighed down by an apparent lack of vices and excess, the study said.

Winston-Salem brought up the rear for the state, ranking 156th out of 182 cities.

Las Vegas was, naturally, the most sinful city in the country. Port St. Lucie, Florida, earned the title of least sinful.