GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – As students head back to school, parents will be eager to share pictures of their kids on social media. Officials though are warning about certain parts of those posts.

Parents pose their kids with fun signs that show what grade a student is going into, what school and their interests. Unfortunately, they could be used for destructive purposes.

“You don’t wanna post the school’s name, the child’s birthday, the teacher’s name or any sport logo or identifying factor that would point the predator in the way of where the school is,” said Melinda Sampson, the community outreach coordinator for NC Stop Human Trafficking.

Sampson said it’s OK to post the child’s name and grade. But posting specific information could allow predators to learn something they shouldn’t.

“If they already have this information about the child then they have more information to develop a relationship that the child would trust,” Sampson said. “‘Oh, this person knows where I go to school, this person knows who my teacher is. They are trustworthy.'”

Pitt County Sheriff Paula Dance said not only could this information help people looking to hurt children but also create fake accounts.

“Scammers can take that information, create credit accounts, create all kinds of accounts that could negatively affect children,” Dance said.

Dance also said their school resource officers are trained on how to keep students safe in case anything suspicious does happen.

“There are measures that the school puts in and our officers will be very vigilant in learning who is supposed to be on campus, learning who’s not supposed to be on campus,” she said.