CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) – The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office continues to search for a dangerous criminal after the sheriff’s office made a mistake and released an inmate out of jail too early.

Quay Davis has quite a criminal history and he’s known to run.

Several years ago, the Charlotte Mecklenberg Police Department was looking for Davis because it said he cut off his ankle monitor and ran while he was awaiting trial.    

“He does have some dangerous history,” Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden said.

Prison records show Davis is serving his third prison term.

He’s what’s known as a habitual felon, convicted of various violent crimes, including robbery with a dangerous weapon, felony breaking and entering, as well as drug and weapons crimes.

Davis is supposed to be in prison for another 2.5 years, until January 2025, but the Mecklenburg County Sheriff said his staff at the jail let Davis out by mistake last week.

“I’m upset about every mistake, we’re not perfect, and we will never claim being perfect,” McFadden said.

Davis was transported to Charlotte back in April from Bertie Correctional on what’s known as a “writ hold.”

That hold means he isn’t supposed to get out of jail.

But the problem is, McFadden said his staff did not enter that hold into the system.

So, last Monday, when Davis’ charge of possession of a weapon by a prisoner was dismissed, he was let out of jail by mistake because the hold wasn’t entered into the system.

“I’m upset because I look for better out of my staff, and it will be investigated, and someone will have to be held accountable besides myself,” McFadden said. “I’m holding myself accountable, but I have to hold some other people accountable also. We take this very seriously.”

A WJZY reported asked the sheriff why they waited until after WJZY reached out to them to tell the public Davis was out of jail.

The sheriff said they were working to figure out exactly what happened before releasing the information.

McFadden is conducting an investigation to find out exactly how the mistake happened.

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