MOUNT OLIVE, N.C. (WNCN) — A farmer in Dudley hit quite a payday on Friday when he collected his winnings from a $5 Cash Payout lottery ticket that turned into a $200,000 win.

Jose Ponce Rodriguez, 27, bought his lucky Cash Payout ticket at the Mount Olive Mobile & Tobacco on N. Breazeale Ave.

“When I saw the prize, I just stood for a while looking at it. I kept saying to myself, ‘is this real?'” said Rodriguez.

With the good news top of mind, Rodriguez shared it as soon as possible with his wife, who had an interesting reaction.

“I showed her the ticket when I got home and she just started laughing,” Rodriguez said. “She couldn’t believe it was really true.”

After the necessary state and federal withholdings, the 27-year-old farmer took home $142,021 from the lottery headquarters.

Rodriguez said the next steps with the cash will be to realize his dream of owning a home. He also said he hopes to help out some family members with his big payout.

“I’ve been planning to buy a home and now we have an opportunity to actually do it,” Rodriguez said.

The Cash Payout tickets are new as of May and Rodriguez hit one of the five $200,000 jackpots with his win. According to the NC Education Lottery, three more remain to be won.