GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — You might have to limit the amount of time you spend and the number of people you bring to the pool this summer.

Guilford County public pools are delaying the start of the season and possibly reducing operations.

Normally, pools across the county welcome people for Memorial Day Weekend.

On Saturday, Lindley Park Pool was the only one open because the county is facing a lifeguard shortage.

“You sit on a stand,” said Teresa Fonvielle, who lives in Greensboro. “You get nice sun. You watch your water.”

Fonvielle and her friend Sandra Cooper grew up being lifeguards and visiting the public pools in Guilford County.

“We come every day and I come for lap swim on Tuesday through Thursday and then stay the day and tan,” said Fonvielle.

The pair were looking forward to taking a dip post-pandemic.

“It’s been two or three years since it’s been open because of the covid,” said Cooper.

Staffing shortages might be in the way of their summer plans.

The pools are opening late this season because Guilford County Parks Department can’t find enough lifeguards.

Bur-Mil Park, Northeast Park, and Hagan-Stone Park pools won’t be open to families this Memorial Day Weekend. Windsor and Warnersville pools are also closed but for a different reason.

“Some of our pools are not quite ready yet,” said Shelli Scott, with Greensboro Parks and Recreation. “We have had some mechanical issues but those are being addressed and we anticipate opening soon.”

Lindley Park Pool is the only option during the long weekend. People lined up Saturday afternoon to get a spot inside for the opening day.

The Guilford County Parks Department is hoping to open the other pools in a couple of weeks.

In a statement, Director Dwight Godwin said, “we are looking at the second weekend in June for our new target opening date with limited capacity or date restrictions based on the number of new hires we can secure.”

Fonvielle and Cooper hope their pool days aren’t cut short because the county can’t find lifeguards to put on the stands.

“We’ve paid our taxes for this,” said Fonvielle. “It’s a community perk and we should be able to have it.”

The county is actively hiring. They’re offering $15.00 per hour for lifeguards and $18.50 per hour for pool supervisors. Anyone interested in a job can contact the parks department.