HICKORY, N.C. (WJZY) – There are signs all around ‘In Your Home Furnishings’ for everything a home needs. But, it’s the melted footprints and the handwritten sign that really show what co-owner, Crystal Hutson, is all about.

“That’s what life is about,” Hutson said. “That’s why we’re here on Earth to do, is to help people.”

Ask anyone in Hutson’s family, they say that’s what she does best.

“All the time,” Brandy, her sister, said. “She has the biggest heart in the whole wide world.”

“She has always been that way,” Crystal’s daughter, Danielle, said. “She’s always taught my brother and me the same.”

But the two don’t agree with Hutson on one thing.

“It’s something minor, little,” Hutson said. “At least you‘ve helped somebody with something.”

What she’s doing isn’t minor at all.

“Give them a love they’ve never experienced, so yeah, that says a lot,” Brandy said.

It started with a few coats on a light pole. Now, coats, gloves, blankets and other cold-weather gear line the fence outside of the furniture store. They’re free to any who needs them.

“That’s what it’s all about,” Brandy said.

“And kindness is free,” Hutson added.

Caring isn’t hard.

On cold days, when the coats are all gone, Hutson said, she’s happy. She’s been doing this for 15 years and can’t count how many people she may have helped.

Hutson said they haven’t had many coats donated this year, but she’s seen more of a demand for them.

If you’d like to donate coats and other cold-weather gear, contact ‘In your home furnishings.’ People can drop off coats and Hutson said, she’d even come to pick them up if need be.

She said, one day, it’d be amazing to see the whole fence line filled with free coats and scarves. For more information click here.